Rebecca Bodde

Senior Physiotherapist & Owner

Rebecca Bodde


Rebecca Bodde
Senior Physiotherapist & Owner

"At Pen Llyn Physiotherapy our aim is to ensure you receive the best treatment possible on every level. We will organise a suitable plan that meets your needs and helps you back towards a full recovery from your condition."


My Experience

Human Anatomy100%
Nervous System100%
Respiratory System100%
Muscular System100%
Skeletal System100%
Muscle Functionality 100%
Tendon & Ligament Knowledge100%
Massage Techniques & Muscle Tissue 100%
Human Anatomy

We a a complete understanding of the human body, its functionality and systems allowing us to diagnose and treat accordingly.


Our understanding of the body's systems is unparalled. We treat the link between the muscular, nervous, respiratory and skeletal sysytems to ensure we are treating the correct problem.

Muscle Functionality

We specialise in knowing what each muscle is used for and how to treat them effectively to ensure effective use and efficient functionality.

Tendon & Ligament Knowledge

Our expertise extends to the functionality of tendons and ligaments to ensure movement is maintained. We ensure an assessmnet is carried out to isolate the potential root of each injury.

Massage Techniques & Muscle Tissue

We understand how to access muscles and how to repair them through the use of massage techniques. This aids in the recovery of injuires and the longevity of use.

See what our clients think.

We understand that treatment is more than just a hands on experience.

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We offer varied services to treat many different conditions.

We focus on you.

Our individual approach puts you at the centre of attention.

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